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Nubiola committed to corporate social responsability

Long before the business world began to take corporate social responsibility seriously, this issue was already a direct concern for Nubiola owing to its family-based origins, which still maintains the principles of unity, respect and community development initially fostered by Nubiola founder Francisco Nubiola and later by his descendants.

We at Nubiola are proactively committed to corporate social responsibility and believe that long-term, productive and profitable development is closely linked to the social welfare and development of a company’s workers, family units and the community where it leaves its mark.

The following are examples of our social activities that strive to improve the standard of living in those communities where we do business:

Community and family programs:
We provide programs to increase the living standards of our workers, their families and the community, such as:
The SAC Plan (Social, Environment and Communications) (Girardota, Colombia) - The purpose of this program is to encourage environmental awareness to aid in the development of areas surrounding our work centre and encourage the business sense of the community.
Women and the community development programs (Chennai, India) - By hiring women at our Chennai work centre we guarantee their family’s sustenance, as many male workers squander their daily pay before reaching home.
Construction of a School in Chennai, India - This initiative provides 15% financial support towards education.
The Childrens’ Painting Festival (Girardota, Colombia) - This contest has been held for over 20 years. More than 1,300 children submit their drawings on a previously chosen subject, and the best are awarded with a grant for art classes the following year.

Ricardo Nubiola Vilumara Foundation:
Shortly before his demise in 1989, Ricardo Nubiola Vilumara ordered the construction of this senior citizens’ day centre:
Casa del Abuelo, (Girardota, Colombia) - The main objective is to cater to the elderly with a wide range of activities with the aim to offer them opportunities to keep active, useful and self-satisfied. Casa del Abuelo organizes courses according to capabilities and interests such as computing, cooking, first aid, popular culture, etc… In the premises there is a gym and several meeting rooms available. The capacity is for 500 people, approximately.
Batuta program (Casa del Abuelo) (Girardota, Colombia) - This is a music program aimed at children. The goal is to teach them teamwork through music and give them a motivation to stop wandering the streets.

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