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Nubicem B series

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Nubicem B series

Ultramarines specifically designed for Blue coloration of cementitious materials. Its special encapsulation, unique technology in the market, makes them compatible with cement and then suitable to be used in all kind of applications in mortar and concrete.

More information on Encapsulation Technology

Nubicem B series consists of two different products:

Nubicem B-101

Ultramarine Blue protected against possible interactions with cement. It is recommended for outdoor and indoor applications, when the contact with water (or high humidity) is not severe; i.e. in dry areas or when the formulation is highly hydrophobic.

Nubicem B-201

Ultramarine Blue protected against possible interactions with cement, modified with Cobalt Blue. It is recommended for all kinds of indoor and outdoor applications, it provides additional protection for the most demanding applications.

Recommendations for using Nubicem in Mortar
and Precast Concrete Applications

Therefore Nubicem B series matches the needs of the Construction market (cementitious applications) because of their outstanding properties i.e.

A unique Blue Color space, totally different to any other blue pigment available in the market
The best performance/cost ratio of any blue pigment in the Construction market
Excellent color consistency lot by lot thanks to our Quality Control method using cement as substrate
High level of cement compatibility, tested lot by lot through our proprietary “Cement Compatibility Test”
Excellent light and weather fastness
Excellent handling and easy dispersion
Neutral influence of the pigment in the mechanical properties, setting time and other performance properties of the final cementitious material
Possibility of enhancing customers’ color palette with new colors by combining Nubicem B series with other pigments such as Iron Oxides or Chrome Oxide Green, providing a very unique blue undertone. See our unique cement-based colors

Nubicem Color Effects

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