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We have started the SYBLUE project


On September 9, 2013, our company and LabCrew Science Management commenced the SYBLUE project. The main objective of this project is to gain a deeper understanding of the crystal structure of synthetic Ultramarine pigments using the outstanding experimental conditions offered by the newly built ALBA-CELLS synchrotron. 

Lazurite is the natural Ultramarine pigment extracted from an expensive mineral called lapis lazuli. This historical pigment has been found in Egyptian tomb paintings and has been highly appreciated by painters since the late 13th Century due to its durability and intense blue color. For decades Ultramarine pigments have also been used as whitening agents for clothes, and as colorants in cosmetics products. 

In the early 19th Century the process for producing a synthetic Ultramarine Blue pigment was discovered. Artificial Ultramarine pigments are obtained by calcining a mixture mainly composed of kaolin, sulfur, and carbonaceous matter. The rich blue color of the obtained substance is due to the sulfur inherent in the internal structure. Current industrial preparation of Ultramarine Blue does not differ much with respect to the original techniques of synthesis. Despite being a known and commonly used substance for a very long time many structural questions remain still unanswered, mainly, in connection with the role of sulfur in determining color properties and characteristics.   

LabCrew Science Management is a young enterprise specialized in advising and supporting companies in the use of synchrotron radiation for their more demanding scientific projects. Synchrotrons are becoming a fundamental tool in the development of new products and the optimization of production process in many different industrial sectors.

Partial view of ALBA-CELLS synchrotron, located in Cerdanyola del Valls (Barcelona) Partial view of ALBA-CELLS synchrotron, located in Cerdanyola del Valls (Barcelona)

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