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Increase in production capacity of our Heat Resistant Yellow Iron Oxide Nubifer Y-7050


In response to the excellent acceptance of our heat resistant Yellow Iron Oxide Nubifer Y-7050, launched only two years ago, we at Nubiola have recently made a significant investment to triple its production capacity.

Nubifer Y-7050 was designed to fulfill the need for high temperature stable, weatherable, yellow pigments for Plastics and Powder, Coil and Stoving Coatings. Conventional Yellow Iron Oxides withstand 190ºC (5 min) whilst our proprietary encapsulation technology makes Nubifer Y-7050 remain stable up to 260ºC (5 min). The encapsulation consists of a very thin, effective layer made only out of inorganic compounds; it improves the heat fastness of the pigment by preventing water from being released in the hydrated Iron Oxide form, i.e. goethite (yellow), so that the anhydride Iron Oxide form, i.e. hematite (red), is not generated and the yellow color remains as is.

“It is a very versatile pigment manufactured with a process that guarantees all the positives of the inorganic chemistry linked to high quality Iron Oxides”, claims Fabiana Requeijo, Global Iron Oxides Product Manager. On the one hand, Nubifer Y-7050 provides a dull yellow shade that turns into light beige when combined with TiO2, whichis a very cost effective solution to achieve the latter tones with excellent chemical / weather / heat fastness and with the added value of its food contact approved label. On the other hand, the pigment combines very well with Organic Blues and Greens to reach weatherable, “natural” green shades with good opacity and with Organic Reds, e.g. PR 254, PR 170, to dramatically reduce the high cost of coloration of bright red colors without sacrificing its shade or high performance.  

“The increasing demand for Nubifer Y-7050 from the Plastics and Coatings industries proves the high performance of this product and its cost efficiency in applications submitted to high temperatures”, says Fabiana Requeijo. “We have just finalized the expansion of our production lines to reach three times more capacity than originally planned to satisfy increasing market demand.”

Nubifer Y-7050 is another clear example that our focus is the production of pigments for highly demanding applications, guaranteeing consistently good quality and providing our best technical, sales and supply support. Our Nubiola product range includes Red, Yellow, Black and Brown Iron Oxides, Heat Resistant Yellow Iron Oxides and Zinc Ferrites.

Increase in production capacity of our Heat Resistant Yellow Iron Oxide Nubifer Y-7050

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