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We invest in high performance analytical capabilities


We at Nubiola have recently installed a new analytical Agilent 720 ICP-OES spectrometer (inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry method) in our corporate laboratory in Barcelona, where the company’s R&D activity takes place and the Corporate Application laboratory is located.


External dependence on key analysis is always slower, usually costlier and obviously more reliant on third parties than if the analysis were carried out internally. At a time when Nubiola is strengthening the control over all raw materials in every group factory, the ICP-OES is the perfect complement to the XRF instrument (X-ray fluorescence) that has been widely used in our laboratories for more than a decade and is still a crucial tool.


The Agilent 720 is an axially viewed plasma ICP-OES instrument that allows exceptionally low detection limit performance together with a simultaneous measurement of all elements from parts-per-billion to percent levels in a single measurement. Its CCD detector is specially designed for speed and accuracy in a wavelength spectrum of 167-785 nm.


Through sensitive but robust plasma, the equipment matches the need for pigments, where it is important to combine the flexibility to analyze major levels with precise trace level determinations.


For a correct sample preparation, a graphite block digestion system and a clean fume hood are also being installed, as well as a vapour generation accessory for hydride forming systems, to lower detection limits even further in the analysis of Arsenic, Bismuth, Selenium, Antimony and Mercury.


All the analytical resources available in our Corporate Laboratory not only allow us to analyze all sorts of raw materials, but also to develop new inorganic pigments, give assistance to our Corporate and Regional Applications Laboratories and provide high added-value technical support to our customers worldwide. With these resources, our customers can certainly appreciate us even more as a top global inorganic pigments-based solutions provider as well as global leader in Ultramarine pigments.


Dr. Ricard March

Corporate R&D Manager, Nubiola

We invest in high performance analytical capabilities

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