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Nubicem B series complies with the European Standard EN 12878:2005 test requirements for use in the Construction industry!


We at Nubiola, being aware of the special needs in the construction industry, want to demonstrate the suitability of the Nubicem B series for these demanding applications.

Our Nubicem B series, the cement-compatible Ultramarine Blue, fully passed the test requirements described by the European standard EN 12878:2005.

  • Setting time determination
  • pH determination
  • Mechanical Resistance
  • Resistance to Alkalis
  • Loss of ignition
  • Chloride content
  • Water soluble content

This means that Nubicem complies with the specific methods described in the above mentioned standard to ensure that the pigment can be used in the coloring of building materials based on cement and/or lime without affecting their properties.

The tests were carried out in the independent APPLUS+ laboratories in Barcelona. APPLUS+ is a leading testing, inspection, certification and technological service company with implementation in different sectors such as automotive and construction.

Nubicem B series is the new range of Ultramarine Blue pigments specifically designed for being in contact with cementitious materials, because it is chemically protected against the interaction with cement. Nubicem was launched in March 2009, and it opens up new possibilities of coloration in the construction market and is recommended for applications such as pavement blocks, decorative mortar, grouts and other related applications.

For further information on the tests done and the results obtained please contact Dani Lladó, Technical Development Manager in Construction (d.llado@nubiola.com).

About Nubiola

NUBIOLA is a specialized world-wide producer of Inorganic Pigments, with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. Nubiola is a family-owned company with more than 95 years experience in the marketplace, committed to sustainable growth based on the technical and production capabilities that permits to market innovative and efficient products. That commitment explains its position of world’s largest Ultramarines producer as well as reliable alternative in a wide range of pigments such as Iron Oxides, Zinc Ferrites, Chrome Oxide Greens, Chrome Yellows and Molybdate Oranges, Bismuth Vanadates, as well as Corrosion Inhibitors. Nubiola employs about 600 people, has 5 production plants all over the world and sells to more than 85 countries. Customers are mainly in the plastics, coatings, construction, printing ink, artist’s colours, cosmetics, soap, detergents, rubber, ceramic, mosaic and other industries.

Nubicem B series complies with the European Standard EN 12878:2005 test requirements for use in the Construction industry!

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