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Iron Oxides - Nubifer Range

Iron Oxides cover the color space known as earthy colors (red, yellow, black and browns), which are similar to colors that can be found in nature. The use of these pigments in construction makes the resulting construction fully integrated in the landscape.

Thanks to their excellent properties, their competitive prices and the few pigments suitable to be used in cementitious applications, Iron Oxides are the most widely used pigments in construction applications.

Nubiola’s Nubifer range, when used in construction materials, provide the following advantages:

Excellent durability and stability
Easy incorporation
Color consistency batch to batch
Insoluble in the mixing water
Non alteration of concrete (and mortar) properties (at usual dosages)
Wide range of colors and shades
Possibility to be used in paste form when required for ready-mix concrete coloration
Possibility of enhancing your color palette with new colors by combining it with Nubiola’s Nubicem B series

The Nubifer 2000 series provide excellent properties at competitive prices.

The Nubifer 4000 series offer narrower specifications for more demanding applications.

The Nubifer range is recommended for applications such as colored mortar / stucco / plaster, colored concrete (ready mix or pre-cast), or colored grout joints for ceramic tiles.

Nubifer 500
The Nubifer 5000 series are micronized Iron Oxides. The micronization and classification processes used by Nubiola reduce the particle agglomerates, rejecting the larger sized agglomerations. They are recommended for example in mortar stucco applications to avoid problems of color marking during the troweling of the mortar.”

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