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OCCA Cape Section Mini-Symposium

Fernando Sáez (Regional Sales Manager EMEA) Fernando Sáez (Regional Sales Manager EMEA)

Name: Occa Cape Section Mini-Symposium Address: Mowbray Golf Club -Cape Town (South Africa)
Inital Date: 18/05/2015 / Final Date: 18/05/2015 We will present a conference in this event, organised by the Oil & Colour Chemists' Association. Cape Town (South Africa) May, 18

Conference Are Ultramarines as “cool” as the benchmark high IR reflectance pigments?
Hours 16h
Speaker Fernando Sáez- Regional Sales Manager EMEA


It is well known that black or dark surfaces heat up under the sun, while white surfaces remain cool. It is also known that this is not dependent on color itself; it is usually related to the components of the surface, being pigments the most important contributors to such a phenomenon. Therefore the heat build-up of a coating is related to the absorption of Near Infrared (NIR) wavelengths from the sun by the pigments used to give color. One way to measure the energy absorbed is by Total Solar Reflectance (TSR), expressed as a % of the light reflected by the studied surface; the pigments which have a high TSR are commonly known as IR reflective pigments.

 It is not difficult to find pigments with low absorbance in the Near IR. Different producers supply them, and they are usually referred to as cool pigments or IR reflecting pigments. Cool pigments are usually associated to Mixed Metal Oxides with high performance but also with high cost of coloration.

Can Ultramarines also be considered Cool Pigments?

In this paper we will try to answer this question. Their NIR absorbance (and TSR) and its correlation with the increase of temperature of the final coating surface will be compared with products accepted by the industry as cool pigments in order to review the idea of cool pigment and explore further possibilities of cost effective performance, mainly in the Blue color spaces but not only.

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