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2014 Annual Meeting and Exhibition of China Powder Coatings & Finishing Industry

Alvin Liu (Sales Area Manager in Nubiola China) Alvin Liu (Sales Area Manager in Nubiola China)

Name: 2014 Annual Meeting and Exhibition of China Powder Coatings & Finishing Industry Address: Nanjing International Expo Centre - Hall B
Inital Date: 26/10/2014 / Final Date: 29/10/2014 We will present a conference about the use of pigments in Powder Coatings. Naijing (China), 26-29 October

Conference Smart use of pigments in powder coatings
Days October, 27
Hours 10 am
Speaker Alvin Liu (Sales Area Manager in Nubiola China)


Powder coatings are mainly applied onto metal substrates to enhance their durability and aesthetics. Focusing on the first requirement, powder coatings must provide enough protection against the corrosion any metal surface is exposed to.

Economic and environmental factors (decrease of dry film thickness, reduction of number of coats, elimination of some pre-treatments) make it necessary to look for ways of improving the anticorrosion performance of your powder coatings by either adding anticorrosive pigments or by using more efficient ones, such as our Premium Nubirox. Our willingness to offer you the best support has prompted us to carry out extensive lab work to determine which of our Nubirox anticorrosive pigments provide the best solution for different substrates.

On the other hand, Nubifer Y-7050 enables developing high-performance powder coating and cost-efficient high-temperature cured Coatings in those colors where you are not able to use a standard Yellow Iron Oxide and/or you must use more expensive pigments. Thus you can now formulate reds, greens or beiges keeping the advantages of Iron Oxides, which include reduced cost, excellent chemical and physical properties and high hiding power.

Nubiola has extended the range of ultramarine blues with a new pigment, Nubicoat HRD. It is a new color that features a shade that is typical of organic pigment, but it is a 100% inorganic pigment. You will be able to get new shades with an easily dispersible pigment. Nubicoat HRD can also help you to improve your black shades by increasing the jetness and the blue component. Furthermore, you can improve the whiteness and reduce the yellowness in titanium dioxides.

This conference reviews some cases that show how to improve powder coating performance with a smart use of pigments.

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