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Keyser & Mackay Coatings Seminar

Patricia Pérez (Technical Service - Coatings) Patricia Pérez (Technical Service - Coatings)

Name: Keyser & Mackay Coatings Seminar Address: Van Der Valk Hotel Vianen- Prins Bernardstraat 75, 4132XE Vianen (Holland)
Inital Date: 30/10/2014 / Final Date: 30/10/2014 We will present two conferences at the seminar organised by our distributor in Holland. 30th October, Vianen (Holland).

Speaker Patricia Pérez (Technical Service - Coatings)

Keyser & Mackay organises this seminar targeted at their customers where the main topic will be Pigments

Nubiola, as other producers represented by Keyser & Mackay, will participate in the event and will present two conferences:

1) Nubiola's Cost Efficient, High Performance Solutions for High Temperature Cured Coatings 

Standard Yellow Iron Oxides cannot be used in high temperature cured Coatings as powder, coil or any other high temperature cured Coating from temperatures close to 160ºC. Nubiola heat resistant inorganic pigments can be the solution to solve this problem.

In this conference we present Nubifer K Series (Nubiola Zinc Ferrites) and Nubifer Y-7050 (Nubiola Heat Resistant Yellow Iron Oxide). Both can be used as a replacement for Pigment Brown 24 (PBr24) and red organic pigments in high temperature cured Coatings. This substitution allows formulating beige, green, red and brown color shades at reduced cost keeping the same chemical and physical properties, therefore, Nubifer K Series and Nubifer Y-7050 are cost-efficient high performance solutions for high temperature cured Coatings.

2) Coatings formulating against corrosion: Smart use of anticorrosive pigments 

In anticorrosive coatings formulation, several factors must be taken into consideration when an anticorrosive pigment is replaced or introduced in a formula. The reactivity of the anticorrosive pigment, its particle size or its effect in the pigmentation level (PVC/CPVC ratio) are some factors to consider if we want to reduce the risk of unexpected failures.

This conference is an overview about the chemical and physical properties of some Nubirox anticorrosive pigments, and also it reviews some cases showing how to improve anticorrosive coatings performance with a smart use of anticorrosive pigments.


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