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Juan Manuel Somoza (Applications Lab Manager in Nubiola Barcelona) Juan Manuel Somoza (Applications Lab Manager in Nubiola Barcelona)

Name: RUSCOAT 2014 Address: Baltiyets Hotel - Primorskoye Shosse, 427, Repino, 197738 St Petersburg (Russia)
Inital Date: 18/08/2014 / Final Date: 21/08/2014 We will give a lecture at RUSCOAT, which will be celebrated in St. Petersburg (Russia) from 19 to 21 August.

Conference Smart use of Anticorrosive Pigments
Speaker Juan Manuel Somoza (Applications Lab Manager in Nubiola Barcelona)


Corrosion is recognized as one of the most serious problems in modern society and the resulting losses each year are in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Therefore it is extremely important to protect metallic surfaces so as to slow down and minimize the negative impact of corrosion. Coating the surface with an anticorrosive paint is one of the most common ways to achieve this target.

Coatings provide a protective barrier between the metal and air, and this protective effect can be increased by the chemical reaction of an anticorrosive pigment included in this coating. There are anticorrosive pigments of different chemical nature that can act, through different chemical reactions, to slow down corrosion. But also the physical properties of the anticorrosive pigment and its relation with the other components in the paint formulation are important points to bear in mind if we want to achieve the maximum effectiveness. In anticorrosive coatings formulation, several factors must be taken into consideration when an anticorrosive pigment is replaced or introduced in a formula. The reactivity of the anticorrosive pigment, its particle size or its effect in the pigmentation level (PVC/CPVC ratio) are some factors to consider if we want to reduce the risk of unexpected failures.

This conference is an overview about the chemical and physical properties of some anticorrosive pigments, and also it reviews some cases showing how to improve anticorrosive coatings performance with a smart use of anticorrosive pigments.

Link http://en.lkm-press.ru/events/ruscoat-2014.html

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