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Masterbatch 2014

Name: Masterbatch 2014 Address: Andel's Hotel -Berlin (Germany)
Inital Date: 24/06/2014 / Final Date: 26/06/2014

Alex Capuz, our Global Marketing Manager, will give a lecture with the title "A new color space in the Blues" at Masterbatch 2014. Andel's Hotel -Berlin (Germany), 24 -26 June.

Conference A new color space in the Blues
Days 25 June
Hours 11h
Speaker Alex Capuz -Global Marketing Manager

A new color space in the Blues

Blue is the color of the sky, the ocean, calm, sobriety, loyalty. Red is the color of fire, heat, passion, love. Tingeing blues with a bit of red leads to a great combination of emotions and attributes associated to both colors.

In Plastics, it is a big challenge for Masterbatch producers to reach blue shades with a very reddish undertone because they are obliged to combine a reddish blue pigment, typically Ultramarine Blue (PB29), with very small amounts of Organic Reds or Violets, typically PR122, PV19 or PV23. The use of the latter in very low concentrations may cause significant processing problems derived from the difficulties to control its dosage, its impact on the dimensional stability of the part and the downgraded heat fastness some of them show at low %. Performance in end-use may also be reduced due to the low light and weather fastness and high risk of migration some of the most popular Organic Reds and Violets show.  Moreover, Organic Reds and Violets make the final reddish blue shade darker and dirtier in comparison to the pure, bright shade Ultramarine Blues provide, which is a limitation from the aesthetics standpoint.

We at Nubiola have opened up a new color space in the Blues by creating a new Super-Reddish Ultramarine Blue named Nubiperf SRD which occupies this unique color space whilst maintaining the well-known Ultramarine Blue’s high performance, suitable for use in most polymers and applications in the Plastics industry.

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