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Fabiana Requeijo Nubiola Market Manager for Coatings Fabiana Requeijo Nubiola Market Manager for Coatings

Name: Paint India Congress 2016 Address: Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai / India
Inital Date: 21/01/2016 / Final Date: 22/01/2016 Fabiana Requeijo – our Market Manager for Coatings- will deliver the paper "Developing a complete cool color solution for the coatings industry" on January 22 at 11:30 in Mumbai-India

Conference Developing a complete cool color solution for the coatings industry
Speaker Fabiana Requeijo


It is well known that black or dark surfaces heat up under the sun, while white surfaces remain cool. This heat build-up is related to the level of absorption of Near Infrared (NIR) wavelengths from the sun and one way to measure it is by Total Solar Reflectance (TSR), expressed as a % of the light reflected by the studied surface.

Those pigments allowing high reflection of Near IR from the substrate and thus a high TSR are referred to as cool pigments and are usually associated to Complex Inorganic Color Pigments. Ferro Corporation is supplying the market with this kind of high performance pigments since long and their cool properties are well known in the market.

However, other pigment chemistries not so widely used for cool coatings are also suitable for this application, such as high performance Ultramarines and Zinc Ferrites manufactured by Nubiola, recently acquired by Ferro Corporation. One of the immediate synergies to offer to the Coatings industry by the united Ferro-Nubiola forces is the development of a complete color solution for cool applications in a wider spectrum of systems with different performance requirements.

In this paper the cool performance of Ultramarines and Zinc Ferrites is proved and the color and performance synergies with Complex Inorganic Color Pigments in the Blue, Beige and Black color space are explored.


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