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Name: Industrial Coating Innovation Technology Application Congress 2015 (Waterborne coatings and UV coatings) Address: China
Inital Date: 02/10/2015 / Final Date: 02/10/2015 Held in Shanghai, China.September, 8 & 9. Our sales manager in Nubiola China, Jeff Xie, is giving the paper"Nubirox for waterborne coatings", our non toxic anticorrosive pigments.

CONFERENCE: Nubirox for waterborne coatings
Days November, 9

Conference background:

China's paint industry has more than 15000 production enterprises, according to statistics, in 2015 the annual output of paint industry, output value and profit growth of 8% to 10% and gradually achieve global trend, but the growth is behind the huge crisis and challenges, rapid economic development is leading to the growing scarcity of global resources, resource use costs are rising, the new introduction of environmental regulations and consumption tax is forced to produce low carbon growth, technology research and development and application of out of line, has greatly hindered the development of coatings industry.

How to improve the profitability of the paint business? How to strengthen the core competitiveness of the coatings enterprises? Product development and technological innovation is the only way out. 2015 industrial coatings innovation technology application assembly will focus on industrial coatings market status, the introduction of advanced industrial coatings production enterprises to improve the management system, and promote scientific research institutions and universities to work closely with the enterprise, to promote the application of raw material suppliers and the need to work closely with feedback, complete paint production enterprises, raw material suppliers, construction equipment perfect cooperation mechanism to achieve real sustainable development of industrial coatings.



Link http://www.pcimagcn.com/pm-cn/index.aspx

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