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Name: ICMBA Address: Sahar, Mumbai
Inital Date: 29/10/2015 / Final Date: 30/10/2015 Alex Capuz, our Global Marketing Manager will deliver the paper under the name "Hot and Cool Bluish Blacks" at the Indian Convention on Compounds, Masterbatches & Additives ICMBA, held in Mumbai days October 29-30

Conference Hot and Cool Bluish Blacks
Days 30
Hours 10
Speaker Alex Capuz

It is well known that black/dark surfaces heat up under the sun, while white surfaces remain cool. This heat build-up effect of black/dark surfaces contributes to global warming and increase of energy consumption. Moreover it can potentially reduce the service life of plastics parts and put at risk the health and safety of users in contact with them. It is also known that the heat build-up effect is not dependent on color itself; it is usually related to the components of the surface, being pigments the most important contributors to such a phenomenon. Therefore the heat build-up of a plastic is related to the absorption of Near Infrared (NIR) wavelengths from the sun by the pigments used to give color. One way to measure the energy absorbed is by Total Solar Reflectance (TSR), expressed as a % of the light reflected by the studied surface; the pigments which have a high TSR are commonly known as IR reflective pigments.

Carbon Blacks, the most popular black pigments in the plastics world, are well known to be “hot” pigments because they massively absorb Visible and NIR wavelengths. Its TSR is very low. On the contrary, some specifically designed black Complex Inorganic Color Pigments (CICP) are considered “cool” pigments because they show lower absorbance in the NIR area in spite of being black. Its TSR is significantly higher.

Both “hot” Carbon Blacks and “cool” black CICP used to make deep blacks typically show a yellowish undertone that negatively contributes to the right aesthetics of the final part. The right solution to this problem is the use of high performance Ultramarine Blues because they boost the “jetness” of the black part without any detrimental effect on its dimensional stability, outdoor durability and, in the case of “cool” black parts, on the NIR absorbance profile.


Link http://www.plastemart.com/Upload/Ecamp/icmba/icmba-conference-for-masterbatches-compounding-technology-mumbai.html

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