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Nubifer Y-7050 and K series to make high performing,
cost-effective red formulations

Nubifer Y-7050 (PY42) is a high heat fastness (260ºC, 5 min) Yellow Iron Oxide (yellow/beige color)

Nubifer Y-805K (PY119) is a beige color Zinc Ferrite, slightly redder/darker and more heat fastness (300ºC, 5 min) than Nubifer Y-905K

The 2 products provide high opacity, excellent light/weather/chemicals fastness, excellent dimensional stability, high dispersibility and are suitable to be used in any Thermoplastics with the only limit of the 260-300ºC process temperature

The 2 products are high Luminosity (L) and high Chroma (C) pigments which can be separately combined with PR254 (DPP) to reduce cost of coloration of any red formulation by 20-40%, without significantly affecting the bright red color whilst maintaining the high performance characteristics of PR254 based formulations

The same principle applies when combining any of the 2 products with any Organic Red in order to reduce cost of coloration. In the case of any limited performance Organic Red -e.g. PR53.1- the combination of such pigment with Nubifer Y-7050 or Nubifer Y-805K might enhance properties of the final formulation e.g. higher heat fastness, dimensional stability, weather fastness

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