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             6th PHOTO CONTEST

          Ultramarine Blue is part of your life!

[6th Photo Contest] from June to October, 2014

Topic: Ultramarine Blue is part of your life!
Rules: You have to send pictures of objects colored with any Ultramarine Blue shade. Items have to be:
- Real (fiction is NOT valid), and...
- Man-made (pictures from nature are NOT accepted).
The color can be any Ultramarine Blue shade, from full to reduced shade.

- Participants can send up to 5 different pictures.
- Only DIGITAL pictures will be accepted.
- Pictures must be ORIGINALS. Pictures that are not original (from Internet, magazines, etc.) are NOT valid.
- Pictures must NOT have been modified with any software.

Pictures (maximum 5 Mb) must be uploaded to our website, www.nubiola.com.

- Title.
- Date and place where the picture was taken.
- Full personal and company name of the participant.
- E-mail or contact details.

All competing pictures will be judged by a Panel consisting of the CEO, a representative of an advertising agency, a professional photographer, the Corporate Commercial Manager and the Global Marketing Manager.

Prizes will go to the 5 pictures that score the best total mark in these 4 aspects:

- Visibility of the Ultramarine Blue color.
- Best image of a possible Ultramarine Blue application (e.g. plastics, paints, cosmetics, etc.)
- Best image to be used for an Exhibition/Show/Presentation
- Intrinsic photographic quality.

All pictures received will belong to Nubiola, to use them for any purpose.

· 1st: 300 euros
· 2nd and 3rd: 200 euros
· 4th and 5th:100 euros

Pictures will be accepted until October 31st
The name of winners will be communicated to all participants by e-mail during the month of November.

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Photo Contest
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