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Nature preservation is a global responsability

Nature preservation is a global issue that every company and every human being should be committed to. We at Nubiola believe individual contributions will make a universal contribution for a future World!

We, as per our commitment to be the responsible leader of Ultramarines market, take our environment responsibility very seriously: environment care and pollution prevention are two of our main concerns.

We use our technical expertise to:
create environmentally friendly production processes and products to preserve nature efficiently
guarantee the best environmentally friendly performance products to our customers and
comply with the legal requirements.

Some of the actions taken under our Environmental Policy to minimize as much as possible the environmental impact of our activity are: selection of the most efficient possible raw materials, creation of new production processes to reduce air and water emissions and waste and investing in all necessary facilities to do so, assessing risk tasks, identification and correction of deviations, etc.

Coordinated by corporate Management, each production plant is responsible for all operative environmental tasks as well as all tasks related to the compliance with local legal requirements.

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